I Take A Piece

Now in Development -- a movie about the seedy side of talent agencies.


Excursions Limited is developing a feature length comedy-dramatic movie about agents and agencies. 

You've heard and read the horror stories.  They too tame and forgiving to the seedy side of the industry.  Regulation doesn't fix it. Only the free flow of information alerts talent to the tricks.  This movie will be a serious expose AND it'll be funny!!!

We take on the big guys!!!  We make fun of everyone!!
If you want to be involved in the writing of this screen play, get professional credit, make some money, get college credit for writing experience, contact us and let us know.

Borne out of the stage community and The Theater of Necessity, we make things cheaply.  So, we get the impossible done and take on the 'impossible' projects no one else will touch.
If you have a rebellious side and want an 'independent movie' that isn't just a smaller division of dependent giant movie studios, contact us.  We love rebels and true artists who are ahead of or behind or outside of their time.

We got Gitmo, Habeas Corpus, Bike Laws, Professional Begging Academy, Dr. Hashrari, Video Calm, Ploything, and many other movies in the can or almost done.
We always need actors, crew, interns, writers, sound.  We are a learning by doing associate of The Stewart School, so we incourage any aged persons to dream about what they want to do, most of the time, we'll get you trained and doing, actually doing your dream job for our projects and shows.

Get to know our learning by doing approach

This way to actual movie making experience, even outside of Hollywood.

We need you if you NEED to create cinemagraphic art

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